LACE F.O.O.D. Training Program

10 Dec

We’re excited to announce that the LACE F.O.O.D. (Focus On Occupational Development) Training Program has gotten off the ground with 8 participants enrolled and more on the way.  For the past two weeks we have had three classes a week in our Community Kitchen on food service and baking, taught by Adam Woogmaster and Ariel Zevon.

LACE F.O.O.D. is a hands-on culinary skills training program in the growing, preparation and marketing of local food. participants may opt to focus on farm-to-retail product development or food distribution (from package to market). With support from staff and referral partners, participants also gain skills and confidence in communication, leadership and decision-making for entering the workforce. All people over 16 years old are eligible for enrollment. We are partnering with several government and community organizations that serve the re-entry community, adults with disabilities, and low-income adults, including Return House , VT Green, Central Vermont Community Action Council, Central Vermont Community High School, PRIDE Inc., Department of Labor, and Creative Workforce Solutions.

There are five phases of the program: Basic Kitchen Skills, Farm-to-Table, Focus Selection and Mastery, Field Work and Work Toward Employment.  The interests of our participants range from developing an existing cookie business (Justin’s Magic Mint Cookies) to starting up a new restaurant, to agriculture, to getting a job in food service, to just learning how to cook better.

Look forward to F.O.O.D. restaurant incubator nights at LACE!


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