Upcoming Events in January

6 Jan

Happy 2011!!  The new year provides us with an opportunity to recharge our batteries and rededicate ourselves to what is important.  In 2011, LACE is prioritizing providing everyone who wants it with fresh, healthy and local food.  As a new development, all our prepared foods in the market will be a suggested price.  This means that if you can pay for the food you eat, that’s great (if you can pay for your neighbor, even better!), but if not, give what you can, whether it be volunteering in some way, trading something, or just your thanks.  Enjoy an egg roll, a bowl of soup, a sandwich, or any number of delicious prepared foods made by our vendors in the Community Kitchen, such as Afghani of Pakistani Foods, or Delna of Delna’s Kitchen.

Along the same line, every Wednesday starting in two weeks on January 19th we will be starting our Open Table meals with chefs Claudine Marlett and Michael Hays, and our trainees from the F.O.O.D. program.  Open Table will be an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to share in what LACE is all about: bringing people together in a central space around healthy, delicious, local and accessible food.  The meal will be offered on a contribute-what-you-can basis, meaning that if you have time to help set up, clean up, or cook meals, you can contribute that.  If you want to provide entertainment – great!  You can donate food, money, or simply, your presence – anything you can give is appreciated.  This dynamic exchange will also be an opportunity for the F.O.O.D. participants to gain hand-on experience in food preparation and service. Come join us every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm.  Stay posted for upcoming open mics after our Open Table!

Also in January, the Junior F.O.O.D. class series is scheduled to start on January 15th.  It’s not too late to sign up!  Contact Anna for more information and to enroll.

Today will be our first kids story hour at 3:30 pm in the kids space at LACE.  We will be reading a version of Stone Soup set in China, written by Jon J. Muth.  After we read the story we will continue with a short activity.  Join us!

Hope to see you at our upcoming events! As always, please let us know if there is anything you would like to see at LACE that isn’t already here.


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