F.O.O.D. Trainees in Action!

24 Jan

Last week we were graced by a visit from members of the State Legislature.  Members of the F.O.O.D. training program showed off their skills by creating numerous delicious foods to present.  It was great to see the trainees in the zone, learning, tasting, creating and sharing their own skills with each other. We made two soups, bagels, quiches, bread and rolls, flatbreads, and chocolate chip cookies. YUM! The tomato soup disappeared in a matter of minutes and those sizzling flatbreads were irresistable, and looked expertly made.

The day before the visit, we hosted the first Open Table event, which was a success! The food was amazing: lamb stew, mashed root veggies, and rice with squash, cranberries, and apples, and chocolate chip cookies. It was simply, but creatively prepared.  We see great potential for the Open Table to grow in new and exciting directions, providing good food to those who want and need it, a valuable experience for our trainees, and great company (and entertainment in the future!) to all present.  This week I heard a rumor of sloppy joe’s and fries! Warm yourselves with a hearty meal and good people

this Wednesday night from 6-8!


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