Find us at the markets!

9 Jun

The past few weeks at LACE have been a whirlwind of change and adaptation.  We are just about moved out of 159 N. Main Street and are settling in to the kitchen at Knights of Columbus, which we are renting for the summer. It is sad to see LACE leave its home on Main Street, but we believe the new LACE will be stronger and better when the transition process is over. The trainees from the F.O.O.D. program have been very adaptable to the new schedules and location. For the past three weeks LACE has had a stand at the Barre and Waterbury Farmers Markets, on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, respectively. The F.O.O.D. trainees have been developing products and selling them each week. Catherine has been developing her business, Extreme Dreams Bakery, with a line of gluten and wheat free baked goods. She has built and painted her own cart (pictures to come next week) and has customers who seek her out at the farmers markets, whether because they have dietary restrictions or just because the products are so delicious. She creates a new seasonal product every week! Jen is also developing a business plan for Kayliz’s Baked Goods (named after her daughters). She has seven different varieties of baked goods and chocolaty treats that she came up with. I can personally attest that they will get you hooked at the first taste, so watch out!  Justin is continuing with his successful business, Justin’s Mint Magic, selling his rich chocolate mint cookies. You can find him in his own tent at both markets, and stop by for some samples. Crystal makes sweet and soothing iced tea for LACE and is generally a great help in everything we do.  Sean makes and sells mini bagels that have people coming back for more. LACE is selling breads and bagels as well. All of us, except Justin, are under one tent – a one-stop shop for your baked goodies and breads! Come on down to the markets and see us!

We are continuing to develop and expand the program, attempting to make it as effective and successful as possible, and are excited about future prospects. As always, please let us know if you have questions. The best way to reach us at the moment is through email (

As of now, Kids Cooking Up a Story is postponed until future notice. We are still securing a location for the summer, but hope to have it up and running in the near future. Stay tuned!


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