LACE is a grassroots, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a commons where central Vermont family farms and their communities can exchange information, celebrate food and build fellowship together. LACE is dedicated to bringing the community back in touch with local foods and the land by supporting family farms. By strengthening the relationship between people and their local foods, LACE aims to boost local economy, conserve local farmland, increase the community’s health and create unity within the community. LACE fulfills its mission by inviting farmers and community members alike to a central location in downtown Barre. Here they can: share, trade and sell locally prepared foods; learn from one another in workshops, discussion groups, lectures and other forums; participate in hands-on cooking and preparation of local foods in LACE’s Community Kitchen; become Vendors in the LACE Gallery of Vermont-made arts and crafts; and, simply, get to know one another.


LACE was established in 2006 in downtown Barre, specifically to: address this community’s societal need for access to fresh, nutritious, affordable food; engage all sectors of the community in the food chain by linking local farmers to the local consumers and vice versa; and create change, opportunity and inspiration for low-income and disadvantaged community members seeking hope and an opportunity to earn a living and develop life skills. LACE is centrally located on Main Street, in the heart of downtown Barre, is ADA accessible and is within walking distance for the many community members who lack access to transportation. LACE’s sister business, the Farm Fresh Market and Cafe was open from 2006 until August of 2010.  The closing of the Farm Fresh Market and Cafe has allowed LACE to focus all our energy on community kitchen, community meals and education programs.

The LACE Community Kitchen (LCK) opened for operation in fall 2009. Already in the first year, the Community Kitchen has recruited and supported nine local food businesses who use the kitchen on a weekly basis, and numerous class/workshop series through a variety of educational outreach programs. In the summer of 2009, LACE partnered with the Washington County Youth Service Bureau to create a summer program called “Bad Boy Bistro” to train young men 18 to 21 years old just out of jail in food service skills. The program succeeded to: assist nine trainees; serve upwards of thirty meals to the community; and assist three participants to become ServSafe certified. LACE has also been recognized as one of the most active workforce development sites in the area, accepting and training upwards of 30 clients a year from such programs as: Reach-Up; Pride, Inc; Department of Labor; Department of Corrections; and area High Schools.

Currently, LACE hosts monthly events such as community meals and festivals, is starting the F.O.O.D. (Focus on Occupational Development) Training Program, and will soon initiate youth educational programs.

Call us at 802-476-4276

Email us at farmfreshlace@gmail.com

Visit us at 159 N. Main Street, Barre, VT 05641

Or visit our website



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  1. Charles Warren December 10, 2010 at 3:37 pm #

    Nice blog! Can’t wait for the next feast-ival!

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